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Winter Landscapes

I am gearing up for new works that will explore the world of trees.

Recent experiments on papers, with winter leaves, bound and simmered have yielded tones that reflect the winter landscape.

IMG_9308There is so little colour left in the windfalls


yet they have given me, some lovely, ghostly leaf prints.

Image 2


Mark making with different potions are giving me ideas for bigger works



though how to brew a larger landscape?


New Year and New Work

Happy Belated New Year.

New Year resolutions usually come out of guilt and feelings of inadequacy are to be avoided and as someone who suffers winter downers I am making plans to be kinder to myself and the world and try to do more of what makes me feel good. I have been thinking of positive plans for the year as I want to build on all the good things that came out of 2013.  Already I have bookings for the Mud resist course in July and the Bundles and Books in October which is heartening.

When I moved here from London I decided to get a dog to motivate me to go for walks and even during the darkest and miserable days of mid winter I have no regrets. The leaf printing has added a deeper sense of mindfulness to my walks and focused my attention on the changing seasons, the many varieties of trees and plants along the path and a deeper sense of place.A walk today found aconites, snowdrops coming into flower and the sun made a welcome change from the cloud and rain filled days of recent weeks.

This blog has added a discipline to my work and a more thoughtful approach to my practice.  I have a tendency to try and do too many things at once and not follow and record an idea to a conclusion. The discovery of new techniques can take me off on tangents leaving work unfinished and ideas unfulfilled.

I have been continuing with paperwork, folding, printing steaming and steeping ideas developing around the kitchen table. Boats, boxes, maps all conjuring up memories of far away places and journeys I have taken in my life.

Autumn light

I went to the private view of ‘Paintings of Eaton Hastings 3’, work by Mina Stevens on Saturday at Coleshill Village Shop.  She paints landscapes, cows and portraits which are imbued with a wonderful sense of light. Her colours and spare use of paint give the work sense of immediacy and freshness.  Each time I see her work she inspires the painter in me who has been cowardly hiding away for some years behind various other preoccupations.

People were always my subject though I have always enjoyed being transported by painted landscape. This afternoon I took my camera with me on a walk with Molly and Mabel across Coleshill  Park. Foraging for new sources for leaf prints but also hoping for inspiration.

What a lovely day. One of those cold, crisp and clear days with dramatic late afternoon light sinking behind trees

 I should have been sitting in the landscape sketching.  Maybe another time.

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