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Autumn light

I went to the private view of ‘Paintings of Eaton Hastings 3’, work by Mina Stevens on Saturday at Coleshill Village Shop.  She paints landscapes, cows and portraits which are imbued with a wonderful sense of light. Her colours and spare use of paint give the work sense of immediacy and freshness.  Each time I see her work she inspires the painter in me who has been cowardly hiding away for some years behind various other preoccupations.

People were always my subject though I have always enjoyed being transported by painted landscape. This afternoon I took my camera with me on a walk with Molly and Mabel across Coleshill  Park. Foraging for new sources for leaf prints but also hoping for inspiration.

What a lovely day. One of those cold, crisp and clear days with dramatic late afternoon light sinking behind trees

 I should have been sitting in the landscape sketching.  Maybe another time.

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