My creative process has always been driven by curiosity and solving mysteries, whether by experimenting with techniques to create a particular effect, or a way of mark making for a stage set, drawing or textile. As a child I was always drawing, making things or taking things apart to make  other things. It then seemed perfectly natural to go to Art college and live the creative dream. Like many graduates, I found my childhood creativity somewhat squashed and after a period of time, I moved to London and got work in the theatre, first in Prop making and then for many years as a Scenic Artist.

Teaching has also been woven through my life and is where I have found great satisfaction. It is, though, also where I faced my greatest challenges. It was after leaving teaching, the theatre and London, eight years ago, I  started the climb slowly back to the curious and creative person I once was.

In 2008 I went to Rajasthan, India and learned the basics of block printing with mud resist (Dabu) and dyeing with indigo. This awakened my interest in textiles and this, combined with my curiosity, love of growing, designing, cooking and teaching has brought me here.

This blog is part of my way of working. Sharing ideas, practice and inspiration is its motivation.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old

We grow old because we stop playing”

George Bernard Shaw


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