Mud Glorious Mud

It’s been a while, and much has been happening in the Stable Yard. I had a most enjoyable time last weekend with lots of indigo, dabu mud resist and five lovely women who ventured from as far away as Cornwall and Monmouthshire.

I love the way that everybody had access to the same blocks, though made very different pieces. Sadly, many of them went away unwashed. Thank you for your enthusiasm and here’s hoping for some pictures of the finished pieces to share.

I think I will let the pictures speak for themselvesdabuMaking dabu

mud printing studioPrinting with blocks

Janet's resist dryingMud resist drying

mud resist and indigo lineFirst dips in indigo


Busy, busy, busy!

Dan's focacciasDan’s focaccia for lunch

double dabuSecond print and more indigo

drying Indian styleDrying Indian style

Jennie's tableclothJennie’s deep indigo tablecloth

indigo iron and mudBefore washing

indigo and ironIndigo, Iron and a bit of imagination.

Saturday it will be a day of shibori and indigo. Really looking forward to it.


6 thoughts on “Mud Glorious Mud

  1. elizabeth

    Oh Alex – these look glorious! so wish I’d been there too!
    Funnily enough, Juliet should have been stopping by today, but we had our dates mixed – now will see her in a few days when she’s returning south.
    Your/my indigo seedlings are looking incredibly strong – can I use these first year leaves and if so, any genius tips please? Also, how do we propagate them?
    Since being with you on our botanical alchemy 3 days, I’ve continued experimenting with local plants – had some really pleasing results but still in search of that elusive blue!! Twice had a result but in a very minor capacity!

    …and Dan’s focaccia! Ŵell!

    Love, Liz (from York)
    …still hoping to be back before too long…

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    1. alex madden Post author

      Hi Liz, You can use your indigo leaves and they must be nearly ready. Have a look at the growing and dyeing page on the website for information and links. I plan to do some dyeing next week and will endeavor to post something. Have some silk at the ready!


      1. alex madden Post author

        It is a mixture of slaked lime, clay, gum arabic and flour mixed strained through a fine mesh and thinned to the right consistency


  2. Sally

    It all looks just wonderful and very professional. Looks as though the weather was kind too.
    Looking forward to being part of it in August,

    Much love,



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